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For people serious about taking their film writing career to the next level all Courses are designed for the Internet in a tremendous treasure-trove of valuable writing delights, secrets, information, and transformation miracles to get your film writing journey on the road!!!!

iqu2film-toplogo 20.1 kb virtual writers café is a space – your space – where film fanatics & creatives can gather, pool our knowledge, share our history, our writing journeys, grow, network, and plot our stories in a safe, nurturing environment … Learning is about inspiration … So thank you for finding my tribe of writers – by choice or by co-incidence – it’s not an accident that you’ve found your way here so I’m ecstatic to meet you and share my worldly gifts with you to help both of us to fulfillment.

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Everything that you need to be a film writer – you will find here:

  • Want to Structure your First Film?
  • Find eBook manual or Courses under eCourses section
  • Consultancy or Development Reports under eCourses section
  • Recommended Film writing Books, eBooks, DVD’s, even inspirations … see Goodies section. (In class you will be given more …)
  • About moi? Head on over to the About Us section where you will also pick up some Testimonials!
  • SA Co-Production or Co-Operation Agreements or Free Movie Script Ideas? See Freebies section. Downloads to come …
  • If you want to find out any more about fabulous initiative Film Writing to Offenders at Department of Correctional Services (DCS) Meredale, commonly known as ‘Sun City’ … find www.greenlightdistrictproject.com or send an email to pippa@iqu2film.co.za.

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We embrace all voices … Our mission is to help you tweak your unique voice and be heard on the international arena without losing the ethos of your independent spirit … ! LETS SHARE THE DREAM … kick down the boundaries inbetween!

All material is targeted towards virgin newbie writers to the film industry … but anyone is welcome: nubile young writers, mature experience-of-lifers. We don’t’ care if you’re a CEO, hobo, house-wife , government god, a princess from a rural village, from a dinkham urban environment, a bush-whacker, a slinky Suzie, or a surfer. As long as you love writing film, this is your space. Every story, country, generation, has a unique DNA.

  • ELDERS will tell of the land, and how great it was to buy a box of smokes for 35c!;
  • YOUTH have dreams, funky spunky fresh ideas, rap music and hip hop culture;
  • Some might just want to EXPLORE stories and have FUN;
  • Others want to RECORD DOCCIES or HISTORICAL EVENTS that inspire them;
  • Many will have a burning desire to tell their OWN RICH POWERFUL STORY!;
  • Or maybe you just want to try something NEW?

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Whichever way – if you’ve got here – then you have something amazing to say! We all want to hear what it is. I believe you were sent here to find our Writing Circle.


Gavin Hood fellow thespian, South African Oscar winner, Director, Actor and friend, in 2004 (two years before he won his Oscar) said to me : “The writing journey is incredibly lonely. But you must remember in Hollywood you have no history, no past; you are what you create today!”

So you’re there – we’re here – START ALREADY! Share your gifts with the world. PRESS THE BUTTON!

start today

I’m excited for you that you’ve chosen this journey. You’ve made a perfect choice for your perfect life.

There is NO WRONG here! Only RIGHT and BETTER!

Channel your INNER WRITING SPIRIT and NEVER GIVE UP until you are ready to move along or be released in to the public Marketplace. My success is your success – we are all connected. All changes start now. I look forward to seeing what your script is going to look like!

STARTING NOW! start today

Blessings. Happy Writing!

Philippa J



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