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THE STORYTELLER 1 Print Draft9 with Cover eBook Version

Dear Screenwriters

Well done for choosing to start your profession as a Screenwriter!

By learning the ropes that have been tried and tested before you, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of Success.

I wish you pots o’ gold. 💰👑🏆

Tons of joy as you navigate these pages.

Make yourself a sacred space to work from (we remember better in repeat places … ).

Have you ever forgotten something and walked back into a room where you last saw it or discussed that issue – and voila, the memory comes back to you. So this is not an airy fairy request it is a real consideration – have a sacred space to work from.

Welcome to the IQU Tribe ‘o Writers.

Take care.
Let me know how it worked for you.
Take care

Pippa Dyer